Why “The Psycho-Theologian”?

Because psychology and theology are the places I live.  Those are the two realities that occupy my mind most of the time.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I have been working professionally in the mental health field for ten years now; but I have been honing my understanding of human emotions and mental health issues for many years.  In my early years that consisted of observations, moments of enlightenment through reading, and taking many college courses in psychology.  Later I completed a master’s degree in Counselor Education and did other graduate studies in counseling.  I am constantly taking training and being enriched by my colleagues.  And reading.  Always reading.

Predating my interest in psychology, I have been a theologian (we all are, you know; some just more consciously than others) and have been expanding my understanding of who God is and who humans are in light of that knowledge for many more years.  At about age 12 I began my own concordance, not knowing that such things already existed and even less what they were called, but fascinated by the thematic patterns found in the Bible.  My college major was Religion, but afterwards my theological education continued through Bible studies, classes, conferences, and finally two decades of rich and rigorous teaching and preaching by a pastor who went on to be a highly respected seminary professor.  And reading.  Always reading.

In my experience, it is impossible to keep these two subjects separate, theology and psychology.  They are simply different facets of reality. To do justice to either, I must do justice to both.  That is my goal in my writing and the work I do as a Christian Licensed Professional Counselor.